The Importance and Potential of 3D Printing

3D printing has the potential to transform numerous industries. From medicine to automotive, many sectors have felt the benefits of this technology and what it can do.


Fabrisonic To Space!

This week we found out Fabrisonic intends to develop a space-rated 3D printer.


NASA Spins Off 3D Printing Technique

I’m reading about how NASA has been using 3D printing on their giant SLS rocket, and noticed they were using a technique we have not written about previously.

high temperature

NASA Hopped Up a 3D Printer in 2016

I wish I’d seen this earlier: A 2016 NASA project transformed a desktop 3D printer into one capable of 3D printing ULTEM.


NASA’s Medical 3D Printing Challenge

NASA has announced another 3D printing challenge, this time for K-12 students to develop medical technology for use on a potential Mars voyage. 


Juno’s 3D-Printed Parts Survive Trip to Jupiter

After a five-year journey, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has arrived at its destination: the orbit of Jupiter, where it will collect data about the solar system’s largest planet. 


Orbiting 3D Printer Completes First Tests

The prototype 3D printer that’s been installed on the International Space Station has just completed its first round of tests. 


The Greatest 3D Print Challenge

GrabCAD and NASA announced what could be the grandest 3D printing challenge ever: win and your design goes into space!


Reproducing the Space Wrench

The other week NASA transmitted a wrench to the International Space Station by 3D printing. We did it, too. 


Space 3D Printer Is Installed

A few short weeks ago a SpaceX cargo craft carried a unique experiment: A 3D printer designed for space. Now it’s being installed.

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