Fusion3 Introduces “REACTOR”

Fusion3 Introduces REACTOR

Fusion3 has introduced a new and powerful slicing system for their 3D printers, REACTOR.


What Makes a 3D Printer “Production”?

Is that a “production” 3D printer? What characteristics make a 3D printer “production”? We present a list of features to help classify additive manufacturing machines.


Ultimaker Announces S3 Professional 3D Printer

Need a professional level desktop 3D printer? The new Ultimaker S3 is not only powerful, but also affordable and includes many ease-of-use features.

$makerbot's nadav goshen

Not Your Average MakerBot

We had a long chat with MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen about the current state of the company and its products.


Imprinta’s Strong 3D Printer

When we last met Imprinta, the company sold an inexpensive desktop system, the Hercules. How times have changed!


Zortrax’s Inventure 3D Printer

Zortrax is well-known as the manufacturer of a very popular and reliable personal 3D printer, the M200. But now they have another model, the Inventure. 

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