How About Those Non-Toxic Resin Cleaners?

How About Those Non-Toxic Resin Cleaners?

Cleaning 3D printer resin is often a messy task, and one that’s made more difficult with dangerous cleaners. Are there alternatives?


The Advantage Of The Phrozen Sonic XL 4K 3D Printer

The Phrozen Sonic XL 4K is a very interesting resin 3D printer that has several technical secrets behind its ability to 3D print large objects in high resolution at a rapid speed.


More Thoughts On Volumetric 3D Prining

One of my questions about the new volumetric 3D printing approach seems to have been answered by a mysterious contributor.


High Speed Micro-Voxel 3D Printing Achieved

Researchers have been able to design a new 3D printing system that effectively parallelizes the familiar two-photon laser approach to achieve fantastic print speeds.


Formlabs’ New Tough Resin

Formlabs announced a new resin, Tough 1500 Resin, which has some interesting properties and could be used as a substitute for polypropylene.


A 4D Printed Microneedle Array

Researchers have used a micro-3D printing technology to produce an effective long-term drug delivery needle system.


The LumiBEE Open Source 3D Printer

There is a new option for those wishing to build their own 3D printer: Lumi Industries released open source plans for a resin 3D printer, the LumiBEE.


The Amazing LumiCUBE 3D Printer

The new LumiCUBE from Lumi Industries is a very sophisticated resin 3D printer that contains a surprising new feature.


First Fire Safe 3D Printable Resin Produced

Henkel and Origin have developed the first 3D printable resin for SLA 3D printers that is fire resistant and meets industry certifications. Certain industries will find this of great interest.


The Largest SLA 3D Printer In China

Shenzhen Kings 3D Printers apparently produces the largest SLA 3D printer available today in China, and now they’re taking it to the rest of the world.


Goofoo: 3D Printers from China

Goofoo is a China-based manufacturer of good quality 3D printers available at low prices. We took a look at some of their models.

$Electric 3D Printing

Electric 3D Printing Begins!

The first simulated 3D print has been produced using Adrian Bowyer’s radical new Electric 3D Printing concept, which could produce objects in mere seconds.


Choose SLS, SLA or SLM 3D Printers From SondaSys

Need a 3D printer manufacturer providing multiple additive manufacturing processes? One option is SondaSys, which provides six machines using three different processes.

$Recyclable 3D Printer Resin

Recyclable Thermosets Could Change Resin 3D Printing

Can you reuse thermoset plastics? It turns out there is a way, just discovered by researchers. This could enable future use of recyclable 3D printer resins.

$3D Printer Resin Safety

Treat 3D Printer Resins Very, Very Carefully

Do you think 3D printer resin is safe? It might not be. Consider this story of a 3D printer operator who was severely burned by a caustic photopolymer resin.

$Amazon Prime Day

3D Systems Returning To Consumer 3D Printing?

Is 3D Systems changing strategy? They are selling their FabPro 1000 as a consumer or prosumer platform via Amazon Prime Day — what comes next?

$high speed resin 3D printing

NewPro3D’s NP1 3D Printer Now Available

Looking for a ridiculously fast 3D printer? The extremely high speed NewPro3D NP1 with advanced ILI membrane is now available for purchase.

$ceramic 3D printer

The Bison 1000 3D Printer

What does the Bison 1000 3D printer do? It can 3D print many resins, including ceramic resins at very high resolution, and can handle huge 3D models.

%A Great Third Party Slicer For Resin 3D Printers: ChiTuBox

ChiTuBox: The Other 3D Print Slicer

I’m taking a look at ChiTuBox, a third party 3D print slicing system.


Electrically Assisted 3D Printing

Researchers have developed an incredibly ingenious new method of 3D printing very strong structures using techniques analogous to nature.


Formlabs Announces The Form 3!

Formlabs has a secret no longer: they’ve released two versions of an entirely new 3D printer, the Form 3 and Form 3L.

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