Student or Educator? A RIZE 3D Printer May Be For You

If you’re a youngin’ whose neurons have just myelinated or an educator who’s responsible for bludgeoning their brain tissue with knowledge, there’s a 3D printer option you’ll want to add to your lab list – A RIZE 3D Printer.


RIZE Makes A Materials Deal With Sindoh

Two 3D printer companies have made an arrangement for use of materials: certain Sindoh equipment will be able to make use of RIZE materials. 


XRIZE Ships!

Rize announced they are now shipping their flagship full-color 3D Printer, the XRIZE, to the public.


Few Ways To 3D Print In Full Color

Color 3D printing is a bit of a rarity in today’s world, but it does exist and can be done in several ways.


Rize Rises on the Strength of Its Team

I spoke recently Rize’s Vice President of Product, Kishore Boyalakuntla, about the disruptive nature of additive manufacturing and what Rize brings to the market.


Has Rize Found Their Market?

I’m reading a white paper from Rize about using their equipment for medical uses, and perhaps they are on to something here. 


What is “Make On Demand”?

I’m reading a press release from Rize that describes a new service that performs “Make on Demand”. 


Rize Goes Black

Rize announced a new material: black. 

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