AI Build Releases Upgraded AM Software

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New software on iPad [Source: AI Build]

AI Build has a new software release.

The software company produces something called “AiSync”, which is a cloud platform for additive manufacturing workflows. What does it do? They explain:

“AiSync accelerates and automates the creation of even the most advanced, multi-axis toolpaths via a single, intuitive UI.

Our intelligent AM platform replaces manual coding with visual programming, to completely simplify toolpath generation.

A digital twin provides full visual build simulation and collision avoidance. Also equipped with powerful reporting and analytics, the entire 3D printing process is optimized and fully repeatable.”

I’m impressed with their product concept, because it vastly simplifies the use of 3D printing. In traditional workflows, the 3D printer operator must use multiple software platforms to select, prepare and dispatch 3D print jobs for production. In each step there are possibilities for errors and inefficiencies, so putting it all together makes much sense.

However, AiSync is more than that: it integrates AI technology into the sequence of events. Late last year AI Build introduced “natural language” into AiSync, which allows the operator to simply ask questions about the job. AiSync includes an AM-trained GPT using ChatGPT 4 to respond to the questions.

Possible AI queries for AiSync [Source: AI Build]

Here you can see some typical enquiries that might be made by the operator, and you can see how wide they can range.

The new release of their software includes:

  • Full Automation: Every operation on the platform is traceable and reusable, allowing
  • users to define manufacturing strategies once and generate ready-to-print toolpaths
  • with a single click.
  • AI Copilot: Aibuild’s built-in AI assistant autonomously recommends and performs
  • actions, making Additive Manufacturing accessible to engineers of all experience
  • levels.
  • Seamless Integration: The software integrates seamlessly with a growing network
  • of AM hardware and materials, providing a unified platform for the entire
  • manufacturing process and eliminating the need for trial and error.
  • Unlimited Flexibility: An open platform architecture and visual programming
  • interface allow the creation of advanced toolpaths without limits.
  • Access Anywhere: Aibuild’s secure, ISO 27001 certified cloud infrastructure
  • eliminates the need for installations, upgrades, or file management, making AM
  • workflows accessible from any device and location.
Robotic printing simulation [Source: AI Build]

In addition, AI Build announced a partnership with WASP, makers of large-format 3D printers. AI Build explains:

“Aibuild collaborated with WASP to seamlessly integrate the new CEREBRO hardware on its platform as a digital twin. “The implementation of CEREBRO on Aibuild software has been successfully completed, demonstrating the full compatibility of the two systems and unlocking endless possibilities for utilizing all of WASP’s extrusion systems, including both pellet and ceramic extruders.”

It seems that AI Build’s products are now even better.

Via AI Build

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