Book of the Week: Blender 4.0: Precise Modeling for Architecture, Engineering, and 3D Printing

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Blender 4.0: Precise Modeling for Architecture, Engineering, and 3D Printing [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Blender 4.0: Precise Modeling for Architecture, Engineering, and 3D Printing” by Allan Brito.

Blender is one of the most popular 3D modeling tools, and not because it has a very comprehensive set of features. It’s also because it’s available free of charge for download: it’s a fully open source project.

The wide range of functionality of Blender has been the one knock on the product over the years, as squeezing all those tools into a single interface can make for quite a confusing experience, particularly for new users. Fortunately, the project has taken some steps towards simplifying things in recent releases.

The most recent release of Blender is 4.0, which we described in more detail here. While the major improvements in 4.0 were related to rendering, there were quite a few additional enhancements, changes and additions for 3D model creation.

This book is all about Blender from the beginning. It’s not directly targeted at those who are familiar with previous versions of Blender, but assumes you are just getting into the tool and want an introduction that’s based on the most current version, 4.0.

The book includes, as you might suspect, a complete explanation of the window interface, navigation, selection and related activities. It explains the process and tools used to create 3D structures, including advanced approaches using measurement units.

Of particular interest to Fabbaloo readers will be the section on 3D print preparation, where export formats and model verification are handled. Note that Blender was not designed from ground up for generating the fully solid 3D models required for 3D printing, so there are some extra steps required.

If you’re considering Blender as your 3D model tool of choice and haven’t much experience with 3D modeling, this book could provide a great deal of assistance.

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