Creality Launches the HALOT-MAGE S Resin 3D Printer

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The HALOT-MAGE S [Source: Creality]

Creality introduced the HALOT-MAGE S resin 3D printer today.

We haven’t seen a new resin 3D printer from Creality for a little while, as they’ve been focusing on high speed FFF devices lately, like the K series and unique CoreXZ Ender-3 models.

But now there’s a new resin 3D printer on the product shelf, the HALOT-MAGE S.


The core of the new “S” is its light engine, which has been improved to a huge 14K resolution, 13320 x 5120 pixels. These pixels are spread across a print area of 223 x 126 mm, making each pixel only 0.0168 x 0.0248 mm in size. That should ensure very crisp prints. Combined with a Z-axis of 230 mm, the HALOT-MAGE S can print reasonably large objects.

Light production on the HALOT-MAGE S is done with a new system, Creality’s third generation. Their Integral Light Source is able to provide more than 90% light uniformity over the entire print area.

Light engine capability on the HALOT-MAGE S [Source: Creality]

The HALOT-MAGE S system includes an optional automated resin-filling system. This ensures there is an appropriate amount of resin in the vat at all times during print jobs, and reduces the risk of running out unexpectedly. For those printing larger objects, this could be a necessary accessory.

Creality has improved the automated leveling system on the HALOT-MAGE S means there is very little mechanical calibration required for the operator.

Another key feature of the HALOT-MAGE S is print speed, which is often an issue with many resin 3D printers. All MSLA devices print each layer all at once with a light exposure, but then require a slow process to slowly peel the new layer off the resin vat.

One feature I particularly like is the flip-up UV cover. Most inexpensive resin 3D printers require you to lift the entire cover off the machine and place it somewhere else while working on the machine. The HALOT-MAGE S, however, has a hinged cover that simply tilts up and doesn’t get in your way.

3D prints with 14K resolution are possible on the HALOT-MAGE S [Source: Creality]

In the HALOT-MAGE S, Creality has devised a new system for layer changes that is much faster. They call it “Dynax+”, a new motion system that enables printing of up to 150mm per hour, which is incredibly fast. Creality says layer changes can be as fast as 1.2 seconds.

Since the HALOT-MAGE S’s Z-axis is 230mm tall, this means that the maximum print time on the device could be as low as 90 minutes! In other words, you will get prints done very quickly on this machine.

Creality has enhanced the build plate adhesion by using a sandblasted and laser-etched build plate. This surface texture helps prints stick on their first layer, adding to the reliability of the machine.

The HALOT-MAGE S is able to connect to the network via WiFi, and this means it is able to work through Creality Cloud, the company’s online ecosystem. From there it’s possible to monitor print job progress remotely.

Job preparation for the HALOT-MAGE S is done using Creality’s own HALOT BOX software, or through third party slicers like Chitubox.

Creality has included a built-in air filtration system into the HALOT-MAGE S, which can capture resin odors and particles that otherwise would leak into the nearby work area. The filter includes activated carbon, which is quite effective.

As of today Creality offers special benefits for HALOT-MAGE S buyers: each machine is accompanied by an extra FEP film, and a three month free Chitubox VIP membership, for advanced slicing capabilities.

The HALOT-MAGE S is available today for only US$459 at Creality’s online store.

Via Creality

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