DyeMansion Launches Black Diamond Finishing Hub for Easy Part Dyeing and Smoothing

By on May 31st, 2024 in news, Service

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Example black-dyed 3D printed part [Source: DyeMansion]

DyeMansion announced a new service, “Black Diamond Finishing Hub”.

The company develops sophisticated post processing equipment for 3D printed parts that smooths surfaces and dyes parts in a wide range of colors. Their equipment provides precise and repeatable performance, making them ideal for production applications.

They sell this equipment to industry, and in particular to their production partner network, which is comprised of finishing operations in many locations around the world.

Now they’ve announced “Black Diamond Finishing Hub”, a service that can dye PA11 and PA12 parts black — that is, DyeMansion’s production black.

The interesting part of the service is that it doesn’t require the investment or training to acquire and operate a DyeMansion device — you simply send the parts to the hub and get them back finished and dyed.

There’s no minimum to the service; you can send a single part if you want. However, they are capable of handling larger volumes if required.

This video by DyeMansion co-founder and CEO Felix Ewald explains the service in detail:

At launch there are some constraints, as one might expect:

  • Two service locations are available: Austin, Texas and Munich, Germany
  • Only PA11 and PA12 are handled
  • Any color is possible, as long as it is black
  • Both shot and vapor smoothing services are provided

They say that they intend on expanding the service to more locations, but for now they have North America and Europe covered with the two service centers.

Example of vapor smoothing results [Source: DyeMansion]

In the future they may add more materials and colors, but for now they are keeping costs down and service times up by constraining the service. In fact, they say you can get your parts done in only two days, which is pretty impressive.

For those not near the two service locations, DyeMansion recommends using one of their production partners, and they are offering a €100 coupon to do so, which should be enough to do sufficient part testing.

This is a good move by DyeMansion, as it will get their technology into more workflows due to the more accessible cost structure. It may even lead to future sales, as service customers might like what they see, and decide to get their own DyeMansion equipment if their needs scale up.

Via DyeMansion

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