From SLM Solutions to Nikon SLM Solutions: Rebranding and Success

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“Picture” theme at Nikon SLM Solutions’ RAPID+TCT display [Source: Fabbaloo]

At Rapid+TCT last week we had a chat with SLM Solutions and discussed the company’s integration with Nikon.

The company has changed utterly since our first encounter with them in 2016, when they refused to speak with us. Since then the company has completely revamped their communications and marketing strategies.

Not only has their approach changed, but also their branding. Since the acquisition by Nikon, the US branch of the company has been renamed from “SLM Solutions NA” to “Nikon SLM Solutions NA”. Most people still refer to the company as “SLM”, but I’m starting to hear a few use “Nikon”, which is where it may eventually end up years from today.

I asked a representative how it has been going with Nikon since the acquisition, and it seems that things are going very well. Evidently Nikon corporate is taking a mostly hands-off approach, leaving the company to pursue its strategies.

They’ve been quite successful, with apparently over 950 systems now installed worldwide. The company has been experiencing “record numbers” of sales, and they have high goals.

One of their strategies to meet their goals has been the development of domestic production within the USA. Previously, all systems were constructed elsewhere, including Europe. The company announced US-based production of their gigantic twelve-laser NXG XII 600 metal 3D printer.

This move allows Nikon SLM Solutions NA to strike the ticky box for US-based production on government RFPs, something many of their competitors cannot currently do. Because of this the company is anticipating increased sales to the US defense industry, which could be substantial.

Finally, a word about branding. I asked whether Nikon has influenced the SLM branding details in any way. Nikon is most well-known as a manufacturer of camera equipment, and it turns out at Rapid+TCT the company’s stand was sprinkled with a number of photography hints.

In the image at top you can see that your metal prints will be “Picture Perfect”, and that you can “picture the possibilities”, and so on. The theme carried through most of their displays at the event.

It seems that SLM, er, Nikon SLM Solutions NA, is operating basically as it had been prior to the acquisition, but with the resources and branding of Nikon corporate behind the scenes.

Via Nikon SLM Solutions NA

By Kerry Stevenson

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