QIDI Tech’s Q1 Pro: A Consumer 3D Printer with Active Chamber Heating

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The Q1 Pro 3D printer with active chamber heating [Source: Qidi]


QIDI Tech has made a significant advance in the consumer 3D printing market with the launch of the Q1 Pro.

This Q1 Pro seems to be the very first consumer 3D printer to feature active chamber heating. Up to now chamber heating has been exclusive to professional and industrial 3D printers at far higher price points.

The Q1 Pro includes several advanced features that enhance speed and print quality. Their previous MAX3 device has high-speed printing using Klipper firmware, coreXY motion, a relatively large build volume, which all allow for printing with high-performance filaments at rapid speeds. The Q1 Pro inherits these features and adds some more.

Speed and Precision

Dual z-axis mechanism on the Q1 Pro 3D printer [Source: Qidi]

The QIDI Q1 Pro is also a high-speed 3D printer, a rapid print speed of up to 600mm/s and an acceleration of 20,000mm/s/s. It incorporates fully automatic leveling with dual sensors, dual Z-axis motor drives, bimetallic nozzles, and a most importantly, an active heated chamber system.

These enhancements could significantly improve print quality. Additional features include vibration compensation, power failure recovery, filament break/tangle detection, and remote monitoring/control, all aimed at providing a more comfortable operator experience.

Advanced Functionalities

The printer is ready to use out-of-the-box with no assembly required, an approach increasingly used by 3D printer manufacturers due to the complexity of assembling the CoreXY motion system. The Q1 Pro’s Core-XY motion mechanism and its all-metal frame with metal crossbar should make for considerably decreased vibrations during printing. The dual Z-axis design ensures stability and includes an auto-tilt leveling function to maintain accuracy over time.

Enhanced Print Environment

Comparison of print results with and without chamber heating [Source: Qidi]

The Q1 Pro has a unique active heated chamber maintains a temperature of 60C, reducing print distortion and improving layer adhesion.

While other desktop FFF 3D printers may be enclosed, they accumulate heat inside only passively. Heat sources would be the print plate and the hot end in those system. Here, however, the Q1 Pro instead has a separate heater just for the air inside the build chamber. This allows the machine to not only raise the temperature higher, but also precisely control the temperature.

Combined with a hot bed heated to 120°C, the Q1 Pro could be particularly effective for printing materials prone to warping, such as ABS and PA.

The printer features a proximal dual gear direct drive extruder with a 9.5:1 gear ratio, providing efficient and stable filament feeding. The default 0.4mm bimetallic nozzle can withstand temperatures up to 350°C, making it suitable for a wide range of engineering materials. Qidi bills the Q1 Pro as a “consumer” 3D printer, but it seems to have capabilities well beyond that range.

Additional Upgrades

The Q1 Pro includes a 1080p HD camera for remote monitoring, allowing users to check print progress and status via the QIDI Slicer software or mobile app.

Pricing and Availability

The QIDI Q1 Pro is now available at a discounted price of US$469 (Discounted from US$599). It offers a cost-effective solution for consumers seeking high-speed printing with advanced features and improved print quality, and could be of particular interest to those wishing to print engineering materials.

Via Qidi

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