A 3D Printed Racing Car

While it isn’t the world’s first 3D printed car, it may be the first 3D printed Racing Car. The Areion was designed by 16 engineers from “Group T” as their entry in the Formula Student 2012 Challenge.     Obviously, the entire car was not 3D printed – only the body, which was then attached… Continue reading A 3D Printed Racing Car

Students Race 3D Printed Cars

The Utah Valley University recently held a competition in which students designed “pinewood derby” style race cars – and then printed them out for actual racing. This derby began in 2008, when Professor David Manning of their Engineering Graphics & Design Technology department managed to convince the budgeteers to acquire a Dimension 3D printer.   … Continue reading Students Race 3D Printed Cars

Converting the Camaro

What do you do if you live in Australia and want an American muscle car? It’s difficult if they’re not sold locally, so you’d have to purchase them in the US and ship them over the Pacific. But then you run into the problem of orientation: the US cars are designed to drive on the… Continue reading Converting the Camaro