BotMill Drops Pricing

We were just informed by BotMill chief Gil Mayron that they’ve changed pricing for their Axis 3D printer kit.    The Axis 3D printer kit, based on the RepRap design, is now offered officially for USD$999, breaking the important USD$1,000 barrier.    This kit includes not only the printer parts, but also all tools required… Continue reading BotMill Drops Pricing

BotMill Improves Service

BotMill is one of many companies producing RepRap-based 3D printers, and perhaps it’s one of the largest. In the past our posts on BotMill have sometimes been met with negative comments regarding their service and this negativity appeared in other forums as well.    We’re not certain whether the negative comments are true or false,… Continue reading BotMill Improves Service

BotMill Holiday Discounts

BotMill announced some serious discounts on their personal 3D printers just in time for holiday shopping.    The discounts apply to both their Axis kit and assembled Glider 3D printer. The kit is discounted USD$100 to USD$990 and the Glider is discounted USD$175 to only USD$1,320. Not only that, but they’ve also now include a… Continue reading BotMill Holiday Discounts

BotMill Glider Updated

It seems that being acquired by 3D Systems is not a bad thing, at least for the manufacturers of the BotMill Glider personal 3D printer. The BotMill Glider has just been updated to include a few new features that we found interesting:   0.35mm extruder nozzle Accepts 1.75mm plastic filament (including both PLA and ABS… Continue reading BotMill Glider Updated

More on the 3D Systems’ BotMill Acquisition

We were a tiny bit surprised last week when we learned that up and coming 3D printer manufacturer and marketer BotMill was snapped up by industry giant 3D Systems. At the time there was not a lot of information available about this move, so we contacted 3D Systems VP of Global Marketing to clarify the… Continue reading More on the 3D Systems’ BotMill Acquisition

BotMill Acquired by 3D Systems

Buzz on the interwebs last night indicated another 3D Systems acquisition has taken place. This time they’ve scooped up Florida-based hobby 3D printer manufacturer BotMill.    While there doesn’t seem to be an official announcement or press release on this event yet, there is a very telling indication from the graphic on BotMill’s site, as… Continue reading BotMill Acquired by 3D Systems

The BotMill Axis PLUS Assembled 3D Printer

Speaking of assembled 3D printers, which seems to be a sudden trend in the hobby 3D printer industry lately, there’s another one you might want to consider: the BotMill Axis PLUS. This RepRap-based device is priced at only USD$1195, far lower than other assembled 3D printers. Well, it’s not *completely* assembled. BotMill says: “All you… Continue reading The BotMill Axis PLUS Assembled 3D Printer

BotMill Makes Some Moves

3D Printer kit manufacturer BotMill has been making some serious moves to expand their business in the past while. In a discussion with BotMill Chief Gil Mayron, it was revealed that:    BotMill now has a bigtime reseller on their team: Robot Shop, who now offer BotMill’s Axis 3D printer for sale on their heavily… Continue reading BotMill Makes Some Moves

The BotMill Glider

A new printer has just been announced from BotMill: The Glider. This RepRap-inspired printer includes a slew of great features, but the one we like best is this: It’s Assembled.    Here’s the key features:   USB based printer (did we say “assembled” yet?) Big build size of 20.3cm X by 20.3cm Y by 14cm… Continue reading The BotMill Glider