Get Your Own Evil CandyFab?

  Quite a while ago Fabbaloo reported on the CandyFab 4000, an ingenious prototype 3D printer that used common sugar as the build media. The device uses the familiar X-Y-Z inkjet-style motion, but instead of depositing the media it simply heats a successive layers of powdered sugar to its melting point and fuses it into… Continue reading Get Your Own Evil CandyFab?

Evil CandyFab 4000

The CandyFab 4000 is definitely not a commercial product and is most appropriate for those of you already handy with tools. The CandyFab can be constructed for around $500 in readily available parts, and can use output from common 3D modeling software. The device is designed primarily for fun – it doesn’t have a very… Continue reading Evil CandyFab 4000