Round the Clock FigurePrints

  You’ll recall FigurePrints, the 3D print service that specializes in transforming your World of Warcraft avatar into an actual, hold-in-your-hand figurine. It seems they’ve generated a bit of interest among WoW players. So much so, that they’ve decided to operate 24×7 nonstop punching out WoW figurines! Their Vancouver, Canada production plant now has eleven… Continue reading Round the Clock FigurePrints

Rock Band 2 is 3D!

We posted about Rock Band 2 preparing a way to produce a 3D print of your character, and now it’s actually available to the public! If you head over here, you’ll see a section entitled, “Make Bandmates”, where you can “Order custom-made, detailed 6 inch figures of your characters!” However, commenter Lawman points out that:… Continue reading Rock Band 2 is 3D!

More Avatars on the Way

  Previously we’ve seen services that print World of Warcraft avatars (Figureprints) and others that print Second Life avatars (Fabjectory), but now comes a new service that can print your Rock Band 2 avatars: Z Corp will produce the avatar figurines on their own equipment in an apparent arrangement with the game producers, who say… Continue reading More Avatars on the Way

More on FigurePrints

There’s been quite a buzz around the net regarding the newly opened FigurePrints service, which prints 3D replicas of World of Warcraft characters. We’ve seen many articles, but most simply mention it briefly. Meanwhile, WowInsider posts a complete interview with FigurePrints founder Ed Fries. As a long-time WoW player (since it was Beta!) and tech-whiz,… Continue reading More on FigurePrints

“Will 3D Printing Finally Go Mainstream?”

Apparently so – this article appears twice: once in C|NET and again in FrogDesign. Tim Lebrecht, Director of Marketing for frog design (frog is most famous for designing many Apple products) postulates that the emergence of several 3D printing services, such as Jujups and Cosmic Modelz is a result of recent price-shattering devices such as… Continue reading “Will 3D Printing Finally Go Mainstream?”