Are We Ready for 3D Printing?

An unusual post by Rod Roddenberry in Huffington Post ponders whether society is sufficiently “evolved” to handle 3D printers. The proposition is that if 3D printing tech becomes widespread, then your shopping will be done online – the selected 3D models will be printed at home. The implication, according to Roddenberry, is that the changes… Continue reading Are We Ready for 3D Printing?

3D Printers Will Destroy Wages?

An interesting discussion on the Open Manufacturing group asks the question: in the future when personal manufacturing equipment is widespread, what happens to the traditional consumer-manufacturer-wage earner cycle? In other words, if everyone can easily build things, what happens? Will good salaries disappear because there will be fewer buyers for traditionally manufactured items? Patrick Anderson… Continue reading 3D Printers Will Destroy Wages?

Hive45 On 3D Printing

Beer drinking Australian futurists Tristan Grace and Nathan Waters speculate about the future of 3D printing on their podcast, episode 24. They feel that the ultimate goal of 3D printing is in fact very small: nanotechnology. In other words, that’s printing individual atoms and molecules in the right arrangements to achieve virtually any conceivable object. … Continue reading Hive45 On 3D Printing

Fabbing as a Futuristic Technology?

Melanie Swan, the principal of MS Futures Group, presents an inspiring list of eleven technologies that she believes will dramatically affect the future. Included in her list are such technologies as: biotechnology, nanotech, inexpensive access to outer space, virtual reality and a whole lot on artificial intelligence. Hidden in her list is fabbing, on which… Continue reading Fabbing as a Futuristic Technology?