Sculpteo’s Secret iPhone Case-Printing Service

We’ve been investigating Sculpteo’s new iPhone case service. You’ve seen these things before: select a cool iPhone case from a series of astounding designs and receive it in the mail, freshly 3D printed.    But there’s quite a difference with Sculpteo’s new service. Yes, you select and receive a cool case. But it has an… Continue reading Sculpteo’s Secret iPhone Case-Printing Service

Elastic Fabric

Strange things continue to appear at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit in New York City. This time someone has posted pictures of textiles apparently made on a 3D printer. Unfortunately, the image comes with few (well, no) details, so we can only speculate how this was done. Perhaps using a unique type of… Continue reading Elastic Fabric

Digital Fabrication Pool

Found on flickr: A group dedicated to images of objects created with digital fabrication techniques. It’s a popular group with 164 members and 537 images as of this writing. Via Flickr

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Make Your Own Watch!

Frederic Hakoune uses 3D printing technology to produce his own watch – and it works. Well, he didn’t print the clockwork mechanism itself, but the housing certainly looks good. Frederic posts pictures of the entire process, from design blueprints, the actual printing operation and of course assembly. Via Facebook