3D Printing is Name This’d

Yeah, that’s an awkward title for certain. But it’s about an interesting name validation on NameThis. For those that are not familiar, Name This is a Web2.0 service that crowdsources the generation of names for products, services, sites or groups. If you want a name, you post a description and then Name This’s users have… Continue reading 3D Printing is Name This’d

Is a 3D Print High Quality?

  Many who encounter 3D printing initially react badly when they realize that the print resolution on today’s 3D printers is not so great. For fine details, the capability just isn’t yet there, at least with the lower cost 3D printers and services.   However, that does not mean 3D printing is unusable. You simply… Continue reading Is a 3D Print High Quality?

Breakthrough Interest?

We’re seeing something happen with increasing frequency: mention of low-cost 3D printing in places where you would not expect it. For example, a recent post on Vdo Tutorials explains all about the basics of 3D printing, fabrication and personal manufacturing potential. But who are Vdo Tutorials? They appear to us to be a Photoshop tutorial… Continue reading Breakthrough Interest?