3D Printing Brings an Ancient Camera to Life

Photographer Aaron Foat had a serious problem: he had obtained a classic No. 1a Pocket Kodak camera, circa 1905, in perfect condition. It was is such good shape that it could take pictures.    If only he could buy the long-unavailable Kodak 116 film for it.    Determined to succeed, Foat contacted his local makerspace,… Continue reading 3D Printing Brings an Ancient Camera to Life

Léo Marius Interviewed

Remember that amazing 3D printed SLR camera? It was created by French designer Léo Marius, who recently was interviewed by Sculpteo.    In the interview, Marius says the most difficult and challenging aspect of the OpenReflex design was in fact the shutter:    Habitually a shutter is an extremely precise mechanical piece, and I had… Continue reading Léo Marius Interviewed