TorrentFreak Contemplates 3D Piracy

TorrentFreak, a blog covering happenings in the BitTorrent world, forecasts doom for some manufacturers when 3D printing becomes widespread. BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol often used for pirating digital media, most notably music, movies and ebooks. TorrentFreak focused on the scenario of replacing a sink plug by personal 3D printing and realized plug manufacturers… Continue reading TorrentFreak Contemplates 3D Piracy

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The Met’s 3-D Scanning and Printing Hackathon

An interesting experiment took place at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art recently, in which the Met tag-teamed with MakerBot to produce 3D art models.    A team of folks from MakerBot were invited by the Met to journey through several collections to perform 3D scans of famous artwork. The scans were then converted… Continue reading The Met’s 3-D Scanning and Printing Hackathon

A Conversation On 3D Printer Piracy

We were reading an interesting article in The Guardian interviewing Steve Purdham, founder of successful internet jukebox service We7. Purdham spoke of how he believes the Jukebox idea is the ultimate destination of what we know today as “radio”. Then suddenly the article says:    In conversation, Purdham veers from the pragmatic to the preposterous.… Continue reading A Conversation On 3D Printer Piracy

No Fears of Rampant 3D Copy Theft?

We’ve recently been seeing a torrent (no pun intended) of articles talking about the dangers of 3D print technology for rights owners. The premise is that at some point in the near future we’ll see 3D pirates capturing digital 3D models of practically everything in sight, followed by rampant illegal redistribution to 3D freeloaders. Free… Continue reading No Fears of Rampant 3D Copy Theft?

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BitTorrenting Real Things

There’s a great discussion going on at the Ponoko blog, where Duann posed the question, “What will we do when product design files start hitting these peer to peer networks of sharing. The equivalent of ripping a CD and burning it for a friend?” We’ve been contemplating this as well, because it is going to… Continue reading BitTorrenting Real Things