A Very Smooth Idea, Indeed

During our visit to Stratasys’ RedEye On Demand facility the other day, we observed a fascinating finishing process that might be applicable to personal 3D prints, given the appropriate equipment.    This process solves one of the flaws in objects produced by personal (and some commercial) 3D printers: layer visibility. If you look closely, it’s… Continue reading A Very Smooth Idea, Indeed

RedEye’s iTunes

  RedEye On Demand (Stratsys’s 3D print service bureau) compares 3D print services with the iTunes store in their recent newsletter. While one service delivers digital music and other digital content, the other delivers physical objects. How can the two be compared? Both have been highly disruptive to existing business models. iTunes, of course, cut… Continue reading RedEye’s iTunes

ULTEMate Material?

  RedEye on Demand, one of the larger-sized 3D print services now offers a new printing material: ULTEM. What is it? We believe it to be the “superman” of materials, offering “a variety of exceptional thermoplastic properties”, according to RedEye’s specs. Does it leap over tall buildings or save cats from trees? Not yet, but… Continue reading ULTEMate Material?

Print That Chopper!

Stratasys’s service division, RedEye RPM produced a rather eye-catching surprise at the recent Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas. Yes, it was a complete, life-size custom designed motorcycle made entirely from parts produced on a 3D printer. According to their press release: The prototype chopper included many fully functional parts, including: articulating steering, illuminating headlights,… Continue reading Print That Chopper!

RedEye RPM Adds Modeling

RedEye RPM, the service unit of Stratasys, announces the availability of an architectural modeling service. According to their website, RedEyeArc says: RedEye ARC is your solution to fast turnaround, high quality, 3D plastic models that bring your blueprints to life. We use innovative 3D printing technology to build architectural models that will exceed your expectations… Continue reading RedEye RPM Adds Modeling