Homemade Stereolithography?

Dissatisfied with your plastic extrusion-based home 3D printer? Looking for a mechanical build challenge? Perhaps you’d be interested in checking out the Laser 3D Printer on Instructables.    This project describes how to build a stereolithography (SLA) machine. You should know, however, that the SLA build process is quite different from typical RepRap-style 3D printers… Continue reading Homemade Stereolithography?

Following Up on Huntsman

Last December we introduced Huntsman Advanced Material’s unique laser sintering process, in which they use as much as 40,000 light pixels simultaneously. This approach greatly speeds up the laser sintering process, as it is traditionally done on a vector basis – a single pixel at a time. But recently an article in European Plastics News… Continue reading Following Up on Huntsman

40,000 Lights are Better Than One

That’s the claim made by Huntsman Advanced Materials, who recently announced the availability of their new Araldite Digitalis. It’s a stereolithography machine that produces 3D objects by selectively hardening pixel-sized areas of a resin. Most stereolithography machines utilize a laser to gradually “draw” each layer of pixels into the media resin. Huntsman Advanced Materials has… Continue reading 40,000 Lights are Better Than One

Giant Prototypes

The typical 3D printer of today has a rather small build chamber, usually 10 cm, give or take. The more expensive devices have somewhat larger build chambers. Parts that don’t fit within build chambers must be broken down into smaller pieces that are manually assembled later. But an anonymous tipster put us on to a… Continue reading Giant Prototypes