1,000 TechShops?

By on February 21st, 2008 in blog

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We’ve posted about TechShop before, but at a recent meetup in Portland, Oregon, visitors learned about TechShop’s plans for opening a new shop in that area. While the discussion is a bit clipped, there are tons of details about TechShop operating procedures, equipment and future plans. One ominous nugget said:

the COO is from Kinko’s Corporate, who thinks they can build 1000 in 10 years. Four Bridgeport mills in each shop.. do the math. Each shop should have the same core equipment, similar to Menlo Park.

We’ve pondered the possibility of a Kinko’s-like operation providing 3D print and fabbing facilities on a regional basis, but this sounds like it’s much closer to reality than we had suspected. The COO is actually from Kinko’s!

Via PerlJam.net

By Kerry Stevenson

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