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Matthew Gregori has a bit of a mystery on his hands. He’s received a gift produced on a 3D printer, but doesn’t know what it is. Here’s the description:

I received a gift from a client that was produced on his 3D printer. It consists of a square base with 2 perpendicular slots with a rail fitted into each slot. The 2 rails are attached to a handle such that when the handle is turned, the 2 rails slide back and forth past each other. The knob at one end of the handle traces out the shape of an elipse.

Can anyone shed light on this?

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By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. I got several responses on this question, but the result was a little bit underwhelming. The best name for this item is “A jig for tracing an elipse.” I was hoping for something more theatrical. I personally support “Gregori Linkage” for the new name.

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