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In their most recent newsletter, DesktopFactory provides an update on the development of their breakthrough 3D printer, the sub-USD$5000 125ci. Readers may recall DesktopFactory delayed production release of the device due to two issues. CEO Cathy Lewis wrote:

we did receive feedback that our support structure removal and waste management needed some improvement. At the same time, we encountered an issue in our lab testing that we had not seen before, an intermittent clogging of our aperture, which is a problem requiring an on-site service call. We initially assumed that our engineering activities may have been causing these clogs — but then they occurred at the customer site as well.


DesktopFactory also concluded the device must have much higher reliability than higher-priced commercial units, due to inexperienced consumer operators (that’s us!) As a result of these factors, DesktopFactory decided to delay release of the 125ci until 3Q08.

This week’s newsletter indicates they’ve made progress on these issues, but have not yet eliminated them entirely. The best news is that they appear to be still working towards a 3Q08 release.

Fabbaloo would like to thank DesktopFactory for their very open approach to these recent problems. It’s not often a manufacturer “opens the kimono” in this manner, but we believe that by doing so they will muster the help and trust of many interested and talented fans around the world, this blog included. We’re looking forward to Fall 2008, Cathy!

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By Kerry Stevenson

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