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There are many 3D print services open today, and most now focus on particular niches. Today’s service bureau profile is Offload Studios, who specialize in producing game models from digital models. According to their overview:

… specializes in creating custom 3D output from digital models supplied by our clients. These models range from game characters to any other three dimensional asset such as props, buildings and scenes. Our scope of service ranges from the single in house prototype to satisfy your artist’s needs, to mass produced one off toys to satisfying the millions of game players itching to clutch custom in-game assets.

We think they’re on to something, something deep and psychological. Consider this:

Imagine a system where the game player can take their virtual personal experience to their personal reality by holding in their hands their own unique customized game character.

To many gamers, their experience is entirely virtual and social – but what if they could bring back to the real world some of their virtual existence? What does it mean if someone creates a unique object within a game or virtual world and is then able to touch it, and show it to others? For some, this could be a powerful and meaningful act.

You can find more about Offload Studios in this interview with their CEO, Bill Henderson.

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