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We’ve been following the saga of Desktop Factory for quite some time, beginning with its promising start attempting to manufacture the first commercial high-quality 3D printer with a price less than USD$5,000. More recently though, they’ve had severe financial difficulties, possibly related to the economic climate of late.

Last month CEO Cathy Lewis announced they were shutting operations and seeking a buyer. Today, September 1st, they’ve announced the identity of the successful buyer: 3D Systems, well-known makers of higher-priced 3D printers.

According to Cathy Lewis’ post, 3D Systems have “acquired the key assets including intellectual property, know-how and tools” of Desktop Factory, which suggests they haven’t acquired everything outright. Apparently the “key” staff at Desktop Factory will end up with 3D Systems.

Is this a good thing? We think yes. Desktop Factory’s vision was and still is compelling. While there are inexpensive 3D printers available today, they are kits most suitable for those handy with tools and not general consumers. If the 3D printing space is to be truly opened up, it needs an easy-to-use consumer-grade 3D printer, and that’s what we’re now expecting 3D Systems to produce. As Cathy says, “they have the resources and desire to deliver on the promise of a truly low cost, easy to use 3-D printer.”

Our best wishes to everyone at Desktop Factory!

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