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By on November 5th, 2009 in blog

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As readers may recall, Desktop Factory – the startup that attempted to build a sub USD$5,000 3D printer – was recently acquired by 3D Systems, makers of not-sub USD$5,000 3D printers. We’ve been wondering what has transpired since the acquisition, and this week Desktop Factory’s former CEO, Cathy Lewis provided an update. Here’s the highlights:

  • Desktop Factory’s equipment, people and prototypes have all been moved to 3D Systems’ labs in Valencia, California.
  • A “technical assessment” of Desktop Factory’s prototypes is underway and is expected to take “a few months” to complete. We anticipate seeing announcements of some kind at that point.
  • Cathy Lewis has become 3D Systems’s head of global marketing.

So we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if the vision of commercially available sub USD$5,000 3D printers will come to pass. Clearly it will at some point, but we believed that Desktop Factory would get it done a lot faster.

One more thing: 3D Systems is actually offering a 3D Printer for USD$4,995 right now! Actually, it’s a model they no longer manufacture, and thus are simply clearing out existing stock. However, the price may be right for some buyers. It’s an InVision LD 3D Printer on sale at 50% off MSRP. Check the details at the link below.

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