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We’re always amazed by the incredible ideas from imaginative designers, who are often inspired to create fantastic works by unusual sources. We’ve seen designers taking cues from the weather, dead carcasses, natural design, mathematics, evolution, sketches and many other sources.

Today we read an interesting article in The Daily Mail, in which they post startling images of microscopic creatures. Tiny, but when enlarged display amazing colors and shapes, showing the beauty of nature. The shapes are very unusual because they are natural appearing, yet totally unfamiliar.

We think this represents another very rich area of exploration for 3D inspiration. There are many stunning microscopic images of all types, from biological to merely natural. The example above is Penium (algae), an image by David Domozych.

Via The Daily Mail Online

By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. macro world offers tons of ideas for 3d-creations…

    We found out that the Human Genetic Code is also an astonishing source of inspiration. We are already working on a 3d-printed piece of jewelry embodying genetic codes by the usage of generative algorithms…more t.b.a

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