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By on February 4th, 2010 in Ideas


For some reason there seems to be increasing mentions of “Food Printing” recently, including an article in The Independent. We’re all for that, being a hungry lot here at Fabbaloo. Today’s FoodPrint comes once again from Wallpaper, where they’ve posted an amazing vision of 3D Food Printing potential.

The Philip’s molecular gastronomy concept is perhaps the most radical we’ve seen, as it completely ignores traditional notions of food structure and replaces it with something much closer to 3D modelling. “Chefs” select materials and 3D shapes using a simplified keyboard similar to what you might see on a common kitchen blender, and await their delicious and arty snack. 

From the description:

Inspired by chefs like Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal, who deconstruct and reassemble foods into entirely unrecognisable forms, the Food Printer provides molecular gastronomy at the touch of a button by using the principles of rapid prototyping. Simply pop in a couple of cartridges of, say, carrot and onion, and ‘print’ them into whatever shape and consistency you fancy.

The animation emphasizes different ways to combine food material and flavours using “food sculpting”, and ensures you have correct nutrition as well.

It’s Free Food – but that’s “Free” as in “Freedom”.

Via Wallpaper (Hat tip to Andrew)

By Kerry Stevenson

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