The Battle of Big Thinking

By on March 14th, 2010 in Ideas

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We listened to an interesting presentation from John Wilshire on the topic of “Big”. He means the notion of mass production, mass consumption and the resulting mass media, where the goal is simply to have you “buy more” in a “big way”. It’s true. We’ve all been conditioned to think this way as that was one of the fundamental principles of 20th century industry. 

Things change in the 21st century, where technology, networking and software permits us to be anywhere, build anything and have relationships with anyone. Well, potentially, anyway. The result is that we do what we want and then cluster in affinity groups. 
These groups are increasingly less interested in “buying more” in a “big way” as they interests focus elsewhere. Wilshire proposes “Social Production”, where manufacturing occurs on a lower, but more distributed scale. He describes at length the social constructs that permit the identification and development of solutions. But then the next step occurs: sharing the results. 
He describes how 3D printing can be the end point for this process, where the ideas become real. The conclusion: Our Future = Social Media + Social Production.


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By Kerry Stevenson

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