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While the new line of HP 3D printers is only available in certain countries, that doesn’t stop you from finding their specifications if you aren’t in their current sales area. We’ve probed to the depths of HP’s vast ocean of web pages to find the specifications for the twin 3D printers announced last week.
As we mentioned before, there are two printers at this time, the plainly named Designjet 3D Personal Printer, priced at £11,050 (USD$17,000), and the Designjet 3D Colour Printer priced at £14,260 (USD$22,000). But what are their capabilities?
Since both models are based on the same framework, let’s examine the characteristics that are the same between the two:
  • Both employ the “HP DesignJet 3D Removal System”, which we suspect is in fact the Stratasys WaveWash system we wrote on yesterday. The printers require a “Water inlet and outlet for the HP Designjet 3D Removal System”. This appears to be an optional feature implemented in a separate box.
  • Both use ABS plastic as their build medium, and can hold spools up to 655 CC’s. There’s an option for a second material bay, doubling the capacity to 1310 CC’s.
  • Several productivity features inherited from Stratasys’s mature product line, including optimized support structure design and build; auto-orientation to ensure builds are quick and efficient.
  • Both models consume 1200 Watts of power, and weigh 59 Kg.
  • Contemporary versions of Microsoft Windows are required for the associate software.
  • A one-year warranty is included, but you can choose among a wide variety of multi-year support plans that range in price from a one year plan at £1158 (USD$1800) to a five year plan on the color model for £5250 (USD$8000).
Ok, but what’s the difference between the Designjet 3D Personal Printer and the Designjet 3D Colour Printer? Read that line again and it’s pretty clear: Color! The color model is capable of printing in eight colors (ivory, black, red, olive green, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, blue, gray), if you choose to purchase spools of those particular shades. All material cartridges seem to cost £650 (USD$1000). Other than that, the color’s build chamber is a tad larger, 203 x 203 x 152 mm rather than 203 x 152 x 152 mm. Oh yeah, and the price, that’s slightly different, too.

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