Looking for a Used 3D Printer?

By on April 3rd, 2010 in Hardware, Ideas


The press typically covers announcements of new printers, but did you know you can find used 3D printers for sale at prices that are sometimes quite a bit lower than retail? We cruised through Ebay today to see what we could find: 
  • ZCorp Spectrum 510 for USD$20,000
  • 3D Systems Actua 2100 Rapid Plastic Prototype Printer for USD$4,000
Offers such as these are typical on eBay but vary from day to day. If it makes sense for you to own a high-powered commercial 3D printer, you might consider making a deal on eBay. Last week noticed a brand new Solido 3D printer at a very attractive price point, a 3D Systems ThermoJet Modeler sold for USD$1,850 and an Objet Eden 250 Polyjet printer sold for USD$31,610. 
How could this make sense? Why wouldn’t you simply use a 3D print service instead? Using a 3D print service probably is sensible for most people, but if your printouts are more frequent than occasional or perhaps your turnaround requirements can’t handle a day or two of shipping, this could be a good option for you.
One interesting observation: there’s very few hobbyist 3D printers for sale: no MakerBots and some RepRap part kits (typically for the Mendel version). At press time, only one fully assembled Mendel RepRap device was at auction. We suspect people love their kits so much they’d never part with them. 
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By Kerry Stevenson

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