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That’s the tagline for the new [email protected] website, just unveiled in the past few days:
[email protected] will change the way we live. It is a platform of printers and programs which can produce functional 3D objects. It is designed to fit on your desktop and within your budget. [email protected] is supported by a global, open-source community of professionals and hobbyists, innovating tomorrow, today. Join us, and Make Anything.
Inspiring, and true. 
The new site provides a wide variety of features designed specifically to encourage the development of 3D technologies by sharing experiences and information. We should see a surge in development of associated software and hardware. 
And that’s not all – [email protected] has also announced the release of Model 2! The new model is even simpler to produce, leading to less expense and time. They say, “a child can construct one over the course of a single afternoon”. You can even get the parts from personal manufacturing service Ponoko. Also of interest is the ability for Model 2 to use a variety of interchangeable fabrication tools, including Dremels, a plastic tool, etc.) 
The [email protected] platform is very versatile, as told by Open3DP
Our lab has used Version 1 of [email protected] to fab everything from concrete through ceramics (glass) through chocolate and this past month some students (Yirop Kim and Patrick Wallace) printed in cookie dough.
Lots more information and an interview with [email protected] participants is available at the MakerBot blog
Well done, [email protected]! (What’s on the plan for Model 3?)
Via [email protected] (Hat tip to Jeffrey)

By Kerry Stevenson

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