A Purple 3D Printer for Under USD$4000

By on May 27th, 2010 in printer


3D Printer reseller Purple Platypus has added another item to their growing list of products. Previously, they marketed devices from Objet, but now they’re addressing the low-cost 3D printer market by adding the BFB 3000 Panther. 
The Panther is actually the same BfB 3000 we previously reported, and the benefits are the same: 
Bits from Bytes and Purple Platypus are bringing affordable 3D color printing to the office, home, and classroom with the BFB 3000 Panther. Fully assembled for less than $4,000, the Panther is a true desktop printer with a large print area (11.2 x 11.8 x 7.9 in). And with materials costs under $2 per cubic inch, the Panther fits into any business or hobbyist’s budget.
We think this is a great move for BfB, who now have a North American reseller for their product. It’s also great news for North Americans, who now have direct access to a fully assembled low cost 3D printer. Previously the only low cost options were MakerBot, Fab@Home or RepRap kits, which take a reasonable skill level to assemble.
Hm, should MakerBot offer an “assembled” option?

By Kerry Stevenson

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