Poor Man’s 3D Printing: Finishing

By on May 25th, 2010 in Ideas


You’ve obtained or made a 3D model and printed it on a 3D print service or perhaps your own 3D printer. Now the question is, “how can I finish it at low cost?” While there are several professional commercial finishing services, they’re quite expensive and don’t fit the theme here. There are only two reasonable options: 
  • Print an object that doesn’t require finishing by choosing an appropriate material and color. Select an object type that doesn’t require a precision surface to avoid polishing.
  • Do It Yourself. That’s right, roll up your sleeves and do the finishing by hand. You’ll need sandpaper and knives to bring the surface to the desired state. You’ll need a selection of appropriate paints to colorize your model. Optional Approach: have an interested child do the painting for you. If they do a good job, they might do it just for the fun.
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By Kerry Stevenson

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