Metalcasting Breakthrough

Those inventive folks at the University of Washington are at it again. This time they’ve been working on a simple formula for cementenous metalcasting. In other words, material with which you can make an effective mold for molten metal casts. At one point, they were using this recipe: 
  • 1000 parts VersaBond
  • 250 parts Maltodextrin
  • 250 parts PVA powder
When mixed with just the precise amount of moisture and deposited appropriately by a 3D printer, you’ll get yourself a near-rock-hard mold suitable for sloshing in a hot metallic liquid of your choice. What will your first cast be? We know what Open3DP’s will be (see image above). 
However, after subsequent experiments with other substances including – apparently – Rice Wine (all for good academic use, we’re quite certain), they have arrived at the ultimate formula: 
There is no formula. Just go to the hardware store and purchase a 50 pound bag of USG Hydroperm for USD$30!
That’s perhaps the simplest and best answer one could hope for. Well, done, Open3DP!
Via Open3DP and Open3DP
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