Capture That Dinosaur!

By on April 17th, 2011 in models

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Or at least capture their footprints. Most dinosaur species are now extinct, save for those that fly, but the large extinct versions occasionally left behind amazing fossil footprints. We’ve been reading a report of how palaeontologists have been using 3D scanning techniques to capture detailed 3D models of these fossilized prints for later analysis. According to SMU paleontologist Thomas L. Adams:
The model duplicates an actual dinosaur footprint fossil that is slowly being destroyed by weathering because it’s on permanent outdoor display. 
We think there’s another use: 3D printing the footprint, which we feel would be a terrific model to display on a wall or coffee table. It may even be possible to print the “negative shape” – in other words, print the footpad itself by printing the hollow portion of the footprint. 
Where there’s 3D model information available, there should be 3D printing, too. *Stomp*
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By Kerry Stevenson

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