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By on November 25th, 2011 in Hardware


After a series of incremental hardware upgrades, PP3DP recognizes their existing customers might be feeling left out. Therefore they’ve announced an upgrade kit for older PP3DP owners. Had they not done this, owners of older PP3DPs would eventually have had to re-purchase a new model to get the improved features. What’s in the upgrade? Much: 
  • New motherboard with integrated stepper drivers
  • Upgraded CPU board
  • New front panel
  • SD card
  • Upgraded connectors
There’s also a few pieces they provide by download – and then you simply print them yourself for installation. 
How much for this comprehensive set of improvements? An astonishingly low USD$100! How can they provide all this for that low cost? This is how:
To buy the upgrade kit, UPers should firstly send back to us their old motherboard, CPU board, 4 stepper drivers & SD card, and cover the cost of shipping back. Please make sure contact us before sending back the old parts back to us. 
That’s how. You must take apart your machine and return the key elements to PP3DP, during which, no doubt, your machine will be down. You can buy some of these parts individually, but according to PP3DP’s online store the price is prohibitive. 
Neverthless, this is an interesting way to bring your customer base up to date. Other manufacturers, such as MakerBot, take a different route by offering repeated smaller upgrades continuously. Machine owners in all cases have to decide whether to update their machines by purchasing upgrades or keep them at running at the same level of capability.
Via PP3DP and PP3DP

By Kerry Stevenson

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