The UP BOX Desktop 3D Printer

There’s been a rather exciting announcement from PP3DP: they’ve developed a new personal 3D printer, the UP BOX.

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Stratasys Sues Afinia

3D printing giant Stratasys launched legal action against Afinia, a marketer of personal 3D printers. The statement from Stratasys says:    Afinia’s sale, promotion and use of its Series H printer infringes patents directed to part porosity, liquefier structure, temperature control, and tool paths for constructing part perimeters. The most recent Stratasys patent that Afinia… Continue reading Stratasys Sues Afinia

The UP Plus 2

One of the very first personal 3D printer manufacturers was Delta Micro Factory / PP3DP, a division on China’s Tiertime, who produced the widely used Up! 3D printer. Now its successor, the venerable Up! Plus, is to be replaced by a new version, the UP Plus 2.    The new 3D printer is styled similar… Continue reading The UP Plus 2

Want a Free Up! 3D Printer?

Who wouldn’t want one? Now’s your chance to get one by entering PP3DP’s Instructables contest. The contest is pretty straightforward: post an Instructable (a set of detailed instructions on how to make something) on the Instructables site between January 7th and April 1st that “shows off your skills as a maker”. You’ll then be eligible… Continue reading Want a Free Up! 3D Printer?

An Afina Update

We had a very hard time finding Afinia at CES; they seemed to have the absolute worst booth location of any vendor – at the almost deserted corner at the far end of the top floor of the south building. Almost no foot traffic existed, which while not the greatest for Afina, permitted us to… Continue reading An Afina Update

Up! Sharpens Its Output

3D printer manufacturer PP3DP improved the resolution on both its Up! Plus and Up! Mini personal 3D printers.    The Up! Plus previously was capable of printing as fine as 200 microns (0.20mm), but with this upgrade it will be improved to 150 microns (0.15mm). Similarly, the Up! Mini 3D printer will be improved from… Continue reading Up! Sharpens Its Output

The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer

Yet another low-cost 3D printer has suddenly appeared on the market: the Afinia H-Series 3D Printer, produced by Afina, which appears to be a division of Minnesota-based Microboards LLC, who specialize in printing solutions of various kinds.    Located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, they are only a few short miles from Stratasys headquarters. Coincidence?    The relevant… Continue reading The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer

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Up!’s Software Advantage

From the beginning, PP3DP’s Up! 3D printer produced wonderful prints, largely because of its sophisticated software. The software accepts a digital 3D model (in STL format) and converts it into instructions for the machine to actually build the physical model.    While most personal 3D printers use the open source Skeinforge utility in some way,… Continue reading Up!’s Software Advantage

The Up! Mini Personal 3D Printer

The Up! personal 3D printer from China produces terrific output and it’s been around for a couple of years now – but now manufacturer Delta Microfactory Corporation announced an entirely new product: the Up! Mini. While they’re still going to offer the original Up!, the new Mini focuses on lowering costs.    The new product… Continue reading The Up! Mini Personal 3D Printer

Up! 3D Printers On Sale

Want an Up! personal 3D printer? This just might be the right time to buy if you are located in the USA as they’re on sale.    Up3DUSA / X-Object has a special holiday deal underway. The first 100 buyers get an astonishing ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF their purchase. This takes the price from USD$3,250… Continue reading Up! 3D Printers On Sale

Keeping Up! Up

After a series of incremental hardware upgrades, PP3DP recognizes their existing customers might be feeling left out. Therefore they’ve announced an upgrade kit for older PP3DP owners. Had they not done this, owners of older PP3DPs would eventually have had to re-purchase a new model to get the improved features. What’s in the upgrade? Much: … Continue reading Keeping Up! Up

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Up! Is Up!Graded!

The busy technical folks at PP3DP have just released an upgraded Up! 3D printer. The popular personal 3D printer is one of the favorites for home users due to its ease of use and very high-quality output. But what’s new on the upgraded machine?    They’ve changed quite a few things, but these caught our… Continue reading Up! Is Up!Graded!

Up!’s Platform Suit

PP3DP has introduced a possible solution to the scourge of all home 3D printer operators: ABS warping.    As most 3D printer operators discover (usually catastrophically) certain shapes and sizes of ABS plastic prints tend to curl as the print proceeds. Usually thin edges are the worst. This problem actually severely limits the size of… Continue reading Up!’s Platform Suit

Up! Gets A Stepper

PP3DP, makers of the popular Up! personal 3D printer announced they’re upgrading their filament feeder in a significant way. Their original feeder involved a DC motor and mechanical switch, which limits the accuracy of prints as the DC motor takes a while to start up and spin down when electricity is applied. This means you’re… Continue reading Up! Gets A Stepper

PP3DP Releases Mac Software Option for Up! 3D Printers

There were rumours of such a release earlier, but now it’s official. You can actually drive your Up! printer directly from your Mac.    The version 1.0 software they’ve provided for Mac is not quite the same as their Windows version 1.12, as some features are not present. On the other hand, it appears that… Continue reading PP3DP Releases Mac Software Option for Up! 3D Printers

Up! Supports Macs

Or will soon, according to a short mention in a recent post on PP3DP’s blog: “The version of software that can be used on MAC will be released soon.” Strangely, this was briefly stated at the tail end of a post on a new platform heating cable.   Soon the very powerful but end-user simple… Continue reading Up! Supports Macs

X-Object Sells Up!

We’ve just noticed another reseller of PP3DP’s Up! personal 3D printer: [x]Object. Shipment apparently starts today, July 1st, and pricing is organized around three bundles that we haven’t yet seen from other Up! resellers. The bundles are:    UP! Start Plus USD$2950. This appears to be close to the same Up! models sold elsewhere. UP!… Continue reading X-Object Sells Up!

The Different Flavors of Home 3D Printers

We’ve been reading a long thread on the MakerBot Operator’s Google Group initiated by Shawn M, who is considering purchasing a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer. He asks about the level of effort required to produce high-quality parts with this particular device.    As is often the case, a simple question led to some insights. A… Continue reading The Different Flavors of Home 3D Printers

Print A 3D Printer Today!

A surprising item showed up in Thingiverse the other day: an entire 3D printer! Thingiverse is one of the most widely used open source repositories for 3D models suitable for 3D printing, and you’ll see all kinds of interesting items appear. But today’s item was worth a post: user wacko posted a 3D model of… Continue reading Print A 3D Printer Today!

Up! Printer Photos

There are increasing numbers of Up! 3D printers appearing. Up! is a pre-assembled, low-cost RepRap-based plastic extruding 3D printer using an optimized physical design.    We found recent photos of Up! in use, this time by Flickr user Christopher.e. In the photos we see some excellent quality prints, which is even more amazing when you… Continue reading Up! Printer Photos

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