Adafruit Offers 3D Printing Badge

Do you remember those Boy Scout badges you’d get when you were a lot younger? We don’t as no one here was a Scout, but the point is that the scout badges represented the achievement of a particular skill, like swimming or handicrafts. Now we see electronics site Adafruit establishing skill badges for several DIY-style skills. 
What skills are represented in the badges? Quite a few, but the one we’re interested in is “3D Printing”. According to the badge description: 
This skill badge is awarded for those who have done amazing things with 3D printing. Whether they’ve built a kit, designed a system from scratch, or explored a new method,  they’re bringing the future home!
What else is offered as badges? Quite a few skills: Drawdio (music + drawing), Lasers, Open source hardware, soldering, mini-UAVs, HTML5, High-altitude balloon, Micro-controllers, Ohms law, Oscilloscope, Reverse engineer, Robotics, TV-B-Gone, Ada Lovelace (dedication & perseverance), Bike repair, Biohacking, Catapult, Circuit bender, Dumpster diving (!), Electrostatic discharge, Hacked Kinect, LEDs, Linux, Magic blue smoke (!), Metric system, Multi-meter, Open source upgrade, Programming, QR code, Radiation, Solar panel, Tesla coil, Water jet and Welding.  
Anyone achieving the entire set of Adafruit badges would definitely be interesting to meet. 
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