Around the Show Floor at Rapid 2012

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While we’re intending on writing up several posts on our observations at Rapid 2012, we thought we’d start with a very cool selection of awesome stuff found on the show floor. 
Literally laying on the floor of the gigantic 3D Systems booth, this 3D printed guitar actually plays. 
Also in the 3D Systems booth was this unusual object, made from an internal structure wrapped with a white mesh. Of course, by the end of the show someone had punched a hole in the mesh by “testing its strength”. Don’t touch the objects! 
This fascinating study by artist Shane Pennington is entitled, “Leaving The Shade.” Look closely, and you’ll see 3D printed plants on the left, precisely replicating their real-life counterparts on the right. 
The team from Nervous System always produces amazing works, and this is no exception. It’s entitled, “Laplacian Growth”. “Form grown in software written by the artists that simulates dendritic solidification. Printed via SLS.”
The Lavalume lamp by Brent R. Lang. 
Objet 3D printed and plated this brilliant Iron Man mask. 
MakerBot’s Bre Pettis passed out these awesome “Keep It Awesome” stickers to everyone. 
Stratasys’ newly launched Mojo 3D printer was actually one of the first production models, but upon arrival the unit didn’t have a logo on it. A logo was quickly shipped from the factory along with this ingenious jig that precisely positioned the logo for fixing to the unit. Great use of 3D printing. But was the jig printed on a Mojo? 
This human jaw replication includes an embedded representation of a medical issue of some sort. Wait – how can you print multicolor objects like this on a 3D Systems printer? Easy, we were told – just crank up the power for the areas requiring highlighting and the plastic discolors a bit. Toasty! 
3D Systems displayed a number of stunning photo-realistic objects from their ZPrinter line. Above is a drill handle. It is NOT a real handle – it is 3D printed!
This multimeter appears to be totally real unless you look very closely. 
There were many, many more amazing sights at vendor booths during Rapid 2012. Some you’ll see in upcoming posts – but for the rest, you should have attended! 

By Kerry Stevenson

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