3D Printed Fashion at Rapid 2012

By on May 25th, 2012 in Design, Event

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While much of Rapid 2012 centered on manufacturing and part development and analysis, we observed a fair bit of fashion. Here’s what we saw. 
Among several jewelry items was this amazing bracelet, designed by the Nervous System Design Studio. 
Speaking of jewelry, we caught a glimpse of this rather elaborate 3D printed ring on 3D Systems’ Cathy Lewis’ finger.  
Another set of 3D printed rings, perhaps not quite so elaborate, were found on MCOR’s Deirdre MacCormack’s finger. The “Matrix” is a dead giveaway for how it was produced. 
We managed to miss the 3D printed fashion show due to flight shenanigans, but some of the fashions were still on display, such as this cute hat. 
A full-size “dress” (?) hung in the 3D Systems booth, made of chain mail. Evidently this particular object was printed some years ago. 
A closeup view of the chain mail material. 
This, we felt, was the most amazing item: a 3D printed women’s shoe found near 3D Systems’ ZPrinter. It was not a “science fiction” shoe, but rather one that looked exactly like a real shoe you’d find in a retail store – until you pick it up and realize it’s solid and unflexible. We can’t emphasize how real this item appeared; even the bottom showed what looked like a new leather sole, with stitching, minor dents and perfect coloring. Simply amazing.  

By Kerry Stevenson

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