The Eventorbot 3D Printer

By on September 7th, 2012 in printer

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Yet another innovative 3D printer has been announced: The Eventorbot Open Source 3D Printer by maker Duy Dang. 
Be warned, though, this is not an assembled unit; it is not even a kit but instead is a complete blueprint and parts list, including 3D models of all the parts you can print on your existing 3D printer. (Yes, this 3D printer is partially made by other 3D printers!)
The plan, available for free at Thingiverse, includes a detailed diagram of the assembled unit, a couple dozen 3D model files in STL format, screw location diagram and a parts list of other items you’ll need to successfully construct this 3D printer. 
The unique feature of the Eventorbot is “Rigidity”. The bulk of the device is made from a single steel tube cut and folded into a “U” shape. This means that vibrations are of far less effect, since the entire structure moves in unison when shaken. If this sounds difficult, you’ll have to watch the video showing in detail how easy this can be. There are a number of very helpful videos to get you going. The rigid frame permits a very reasonable build volume of 152 x 152 x 152 mm. 
As this is a DIY project, the cost is less than assembled 3D printers. According to their wiki the DIY material cost should be between USD$300-500, with an assembled cost of around USD$800. This could be a very popular device, as Eventorbot’s Facebook page now has well over 1300 Likes. 
There’s one other unique feature of the Eventorbot: it’s appearance. When painted, the metal frame looks very professional and is somewhat reminiscent of the Cube or original Up! 3D printer. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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