RepRapPro Closes

A notable supplier of parts and plans for RepRap desktop 3D printers has closed, according to an announcement on RepRapPro’s site. 

The Mamba 3D Printer

Soon to appear on Kickstarter is the Mamba3D, a new 3D printer designed by MyMatics in The Netherlands.

The Lathon 3D Printer

Another 3D printer has appeared on Kickstarter, but we think the Lathon 3D printer has features you simply won’t find in other machines. 

The Robo3D Printer

It’s a familiar story: a group of makers wants a 3D printer, but they can’t afford one. So they build their own and realize it’s good enough to sell. That’s the genesis of the Robo3D personal 3D printer. 

A 100% Plastic 3D Printer?

Many designs of self-reproducing 3D printers have been produced and built; that’s the goal of the RepRap project. But are they truly reproducing themselves?    Not exactly; the machines are – so far – only capable of reproducing most of the major  plastic components, such as the image above, which was apparently the very first… Continue reading A 100% Plastic 3D Printer?

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The Fusematic 3D Printer

Maker’s Tool Works has announced a new 3D printer kit, the Fusematic. It succeeds MTW’s previous model, the MendelMax 2 by being “smaller, faster, and more affordable”.    MTW simplified assembly by including assembly guides on the case, using linear rails, preassembling and pre-loading the electronics and keying the connectors.    After assembly, you’ll find… Continue reading The Fusematic 3D Printer

This 3D Printer is Truly a Monster

Ben Reytblat’s new venture, 3DMonstr, has attracted some attention on Kickstarter, where the pledges are flowing in rapidly for the new 3D printer. 3DMonstr is actually a family of fully assembled 3D printers, each of which entirely deserving of the “monster” label.    Sure, it’s size that is the major factor. The “small” version, the… Continue reading This 3D Printer is Truly a Monster

The LulzBot TAZ 3 Personal 3D Printer

LulzBot has released a new version of their popular TAZ personal 3D printer: 3.0. The new version includes several evolutionary improvements, including additional metal parts and a quicker-to-print-ready heated bed.    The TAZ is an open-air 3D printer, meaning the heated bed is more important to avoid warping if you’re printing ABS plastic. TAZ has… Continue reading The LulzBot TAZ 3 Personal 3D Printer

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The RepRap Industrial

RepRap 3D printers are for hobbyists, right? For tinkerers who like to build their own machines? Not always, if you were to ask the brothers Kühling & Kühling, who produce the RepRap Industrial 3D printer.    This machine is a pre-assembled RepRap machine specifically designed for industrial use. What makes it so? We noticed multiple… Continue reading The RepRap Industrial

A 3D Printer Made From Scrap

Normally when you embark on building a DIY 3D printer you’d search online shops for the best and least expensive components. Bring them together with the right plan and you’ll soon have an operating 3D printer.    But that’s not exactly what Kodjo Afate Gnikou did. He went to the dump. Specifically, he searched through… Continue reading A 3D Printer Made From Scrap

DealExtreme Sells 3D Printers

Another major retailer sells 3D printers: Deal Extreme, one of the more popular online shops for electronics equipment, now sells the Heacent 3D printer kit.    The Heacent 3DP02 kit is from a Chinese manufacturer and is based on the tried-and-true RepRap Prusa Mendel design. It’s specifications include a 200x200x100mm build volume equipped with a… Continue reading DealExtreme Sells 3D Printers

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It Does Everything: The FABotum

A new Indiegogo project hopes to develop the FABotum, a multidiscipline manufacturing device. Actually, it’s full name is the “FABtotum Multipurpose Desktop Personal Fabricator”.   Wait, what kind of a machine is that? This machine is actually a combination of several manufacturing processes, including 3D printing. The FABotum also includes CNC (cutting) capability and 3D… Continue reading It Does Everything: The FABotum

Unboxing a Type A Machine Series 1

Andrew Mazzotta from 3DHacker has released another video, this time of him unboxing the Series 1 personal 3D printer from Type A Machines. This printer is known for its relatively large build volume very high resolution.
The unit Mazzotta puts together is a pre-assembled version, otherwise the video would be a bit longer.

The Isis One 3D Printer

There’s quite a story behind the design of the Isis One personal 3D printer. The creators of this just-released device recognized the numerous problems inherent in current RepRap machine designs: first layer adhesion, bed leveling, Z-axis stability, noise, support structures, extrusion skipping and much more.    Their engineering team methodically pursued each issue, gradually building… Continue reading The Isis One 3D Printer

D3D’s Unusual Extruder

While some develop 3D printers, others work diligently developing subcomponents. The extruder is particularly devilish, as it must withstand the most force and temperature of any part of a filament-based 3D printer.    Wait, why re-invent the venerable extruder? The answer lies in the challenges with multi-color 3D printing. Current 3D printer manufacturers simply “add… Continue reading D3D’s Unusual Extruder

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute

A new initiative has launched, hoping to uncover new 3D printing technological advances. The Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute will operate as a sponsor for selected research projects that address gaps in our knowledge of 3D printing. The program runs during August, much like Google’s Summer of Code program.    The program is hosted by the… Continue reading The Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute

The Bukito Portable 3D Printer

A new “sturdy, fast and portable” 3D printer is available on Kickstarter. The Bukito Portable 3D Printer by Deezmaker has already raised USD$100K to launch their new machine, so it seems that people are interested in 3D printing portability.    This is not the first 3D printer for Deezmaker; they previous released the Bukobot last… Continue reading The Bukito Portable 3D Printer

The Velleman K8200 3D Printer

With the news that UK electronics retailer Maplin now sells the Velleman K8200 3D printer, we thought we’d better take a look at this new device.    The K8200 is a plastic filament 3D printer, as most inexpensive 3D printers are. It accepts both ABS and PLA plastic from generic suppliers, avoiding the need for… Continue reading The Velleman K8200 3D Printer

Cura: An Unusual Slicer

3D Hacker has posted an interesting video interview with David Braam, the developer of Cura. What’s Cura? It’s a new 3D printing management program designed to drive the Ultimaker personal 3D printer.    Braam used his own Ultimaker for some time but noticed problems in the software environment, specifically around time delays. 3D printing is… Continue reading Cura: An Unusual Slicer

MendelMax 2 Now Available

Maker’s Tool Works now offers their new MendelMax 2 personal 3D printer. We wrote about this unit some time ago, but now you can actually buy them direct.    Maker’s Tool Works successfully completed a beta test involving over 100 testers, who helped certify and refine the final product. Now this product is available in… Continue reading MendelMax 2 Now Available

The Gigabot

When the name of the product is “Gigabot”, it’s not hard to imagine their key feature: size. From Texas-based re:3D, the Gigabot has one of the largest print volumes we’ve seen in a personal 3D printer: a whopping 600x600x600mm (that’s two FEET cubed, for you Imperial measurers).    The Gigabot is capable of layer sizes… Continue reading The Gigabot

The mUVe 1 3D Printer

With the expiration of key patents around photo-curable 3D printer techniques, we’ve seen several new resin-based personal 3D printer projects. Now another has emerged, the mUVe 1 from mUVe 3D, created as a part-time project by maker Michigan-based Dean Piper. The mUVe 1 is the first product from mUVe 3D, now seeking initial funding via… Continue reading The mUVe 1 3D Printer

A New Industrial RepRap Emerges

Designed by brothers Jonas and Simon Kühling, the Kühling&Kühling Industrial 3D printer is a true RepRap. Incorporating many features of previous RepRap incarnations, the Kühling&Kühling advances the state of the art by adding a suite of new features that can help create better prints.   Among these new features are: A heated chamber capable of… Continue reading A New Industrial RepRap Emerges

Perfectly Smooth Your 3D Prints – But Be Careful!

After the initial thrill of seeing a 3D print emerge from thin air, 3D print newbies often notice the layering effect. This is, of course, caused by the gradual deposition of plastic layers during the build process. Depending on the layer resolution selected for print, these layers could be very visible, or not.    The… Continue reading Perfectly Smooth Your 3D Prints – But Be Careful!

The Mysterious Pirate3D Printer

We’ve been peeking at the website of Pirate3D, a new startup attempting to build an inexpensive 3D printer. The Palo Alto, California-based company is not revealing much about their project.   We don’t know the release date for the printer (although you can pre-order one in April). We don’t know the price of the unit.… Continue reading The Mysterious Pirate3D Printer

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Type A Machines

Type A Machines produces the Series 1 personal 3D printer. It’s claim to fame? Bigness. They say:    We were tired of building things that could fit into little boxes so we designed the Series 1 to fit really large objects without a drastic increase in overall machine size. Forget having to redesign your ideas… Continue reading Type A Machines

The Robo Personal 3D Printer

Yes, Robo is another one of those new 3D printers that appear on crowdfunding sites, but what makes it different? For one thing you’ll immediately notice that it’s got a very attractive case – and that’s just the start.    Each new filament-based 3D printer startup focuses on a particular aspect to make them stand… Continue reading The Robo Personal 3D Printer

The Future is 3-D Counts Down

We’ve been looking at The Future Is 3-D’s website and found they’ve been working on a new model to join their existing Glacier 3D printer: it’s called the “Avalanche”.    We don’t know much about it, other than there’s a countdown page to the launch. We do know that their existing machine, the Glacier, is… Continue reading The Future is 3-D Counts Down

The DeltaMaker 3D Printer

Aha! Another Kickstarter project has launched the DeltaMaker 3D printer. Recent 3D printer launches on Kickstarter have suffered from an inability to distinguish themselves from each other, but we believe DeltaMaker may not have that issue.    Why? Because they’re using a very different design for their device: instead of the traditional 3-axis rail design,… Continue reading The DeltaMaker 3D Printer

The MendelMax 2.0 3D Printer

Open source 3D printers tend to evolve quickly, and the MendelMax personal 3D printer is no exception. Version 2.0 was recently announced by MakersToolWorks, the folks behind the MendelMax line.    The Max2.0 is actually available now in kit or assembled form from MakersToolWorks – but it’s a beta version. The beta testers will “receive… Continue reading The MendelMax 2.0 3D Printer

The EchoRap 3D Printer

The EchoRap Rev1 is another variation on the standard RepRap design with the unique feature of using tubes instead of threaded rods. The design permits a very large build volume by simply using longer tubes.    Designed by Robotic Sequencing of Montreal’s ÉchoFab, the EchoRap is a very inexpensive way to get started in 3D… Continue reading The EchoRap 3D Printer

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The Portabee 3D Printer

You might guess from the name of the “Portabee” that its unique feature is that it’s portable. And you’d be right.    The Portabee is a RepRap-derived plastic extrusion personal 3D printer, sold in kit form for the definitely low price of USD$499.    You’ll need 3mm filament to use the Portabee, and you’ll print… Continue reading The Portabee 3D Printer

The CB-Printer

There were a number of new 3D printers on display at Euromold, including this one, the CB-Printer. Designed by Bartosz Cieluch in Poznan, Poland, the CB-Printer is targeted at “domestic use and for small and medium size businesses”.    The CB-Printer is a RepRap-style device with open sides. The distinguishing feature is solid engineering using… Continue reading The CB-Printer

Slic3r Author Interviewed

RepRap’s Josef Prusa recently interviewed Slic3r author Alessandro Ranellucci in Prague.   Ranellucci initially used Skeinforge to prepare his 3D models for printing, as did most small scale 3D printers of the day. Like everyone else, Ranellucci was baffled by the monstrously complex parameterization of Skeinforge when trying to print small architectural models on a ShaperCube. He… Continue reading Slic3r Author Interviewed

The PandaBot

Yet another 3D printer startup company is launching. Panda Robotics of Seattle/Toronto is developing the eyponomously named “PandaBot”. PandaBot is focused as a consumer-oriented product and thus includes a number of features to make it robust and visually attractive. They say:    Our printer’s materials and aesthetics were chosen to ensure that our end product… Continue reading The PandaBot

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Blended Color 3D Printing

It’s been a dream of 3D printing hobbyists to be able to print in glorious color. That dream still is developing, but maker RichRap has taken a big step in that direction by developing a 3-way extruder for RepRap-style 3D printers.    It’s not exactly a full color 3D printer, although RichRap’s initial intentions were… Continue reading Blended Color 3D Printing

Water Cooled Extruder?

RepRap researchers have been experimenting with a unique water cooled extruder design. Cooling your extruder is important to ensure that the heat from the hot end that melts the plastic printing material doesn’t creep up into the rest of the mechanism, where you risk frozen plastic in the wrong places that gum up the works. … Continue reading Water Cooled Extruder?

Matt Underwood’s 3D Vision

Manufacturing engineer Matt Underwood’s Kickstarter project is the Vision 3D printer. Yes, it’s another RepRap variant, but with quite a few interesting improvements.    Underwood observed that while many inexpensive 3D printer kits are available they are typically difficult and time consuming to build, making them beyond the reach of non-technical mortals. He set out… Continue reading Matt Underwood’s 3D Vision

The BurritoB0t

This is a real 3D printer specifically designed to print delicious burritos – we’re not kidding! The BurritoB0t, a thesis project by maker Marko Manriquez, extrudes combinations of burrito components to dynamically construct, well, a custom-designed burrito.    Technically, the BurritoB0t is a straightforward modification and combination of RepRap-derived technologies. It’s based on the Hadron Bot, which… Continue reading The BurritoB0t

The Fabbster’s Mechanism

One of the vendors on display at Rapid 2012 was Fabbster, makers of a very interesting 3D printer kit. At first glance the Fabbster appears to be yet another RepRap variant, but when you look closer there’s a very big difference.    The print material for the Fabbster is not standard, coiled plastic filament. It’s… Continue reading The Fabbster’s Mechanism

Multicolor RepRap Printing Progresses

After the initial thrill of 3D printing wears off, one begins to look for possible improvements. One of the most sought-after improvements is the ability to print color objects. We don’t mean “a” color, we mean “many” colors. Since plastic filament comes in only one color (except for that elusive Tartan filament we were looking… Continue reading Multicolor RepRap Printing Progresses

The Galileo 3D Printer

There is no shortage of 3D printer kits recently, as it seems everyone is now jumping on the RepRap model to develop improvements of one kind or another. We noticed yet another one today: The Galileo 3D Printer, featured on Instructables and designed by the KentStrapper team.    While the Galileo is essentially a RepRap… Continue reading The Galileo 3D Printer

Slic3r Instead of Skeinforge?

You own a RepRap 3D printer and you’re preparing a 3D model for printing with Skeinforge, the time-tested, defacto standard for slicing 3D models into printable GCode. All you need to do is wait for the slicing operation to complete.   And you’re still waiting.    That’s the problem with Skeinforge – while it has… Continue reading Slic3r Instead of Skeinforge?

The Prusa Air

The standard RepRap 3D printer designs are made to be changed and many inventors have developed modifications to improve them in various ways. One such design is Mecano’s Prusa Air, a modification of the standard Mendel design. The otherwise unrelated Prusa design provided the inspiration for the new Prusa Air through its radical efficiencies, hence… Continue reading The Prusa Air

The RepRap Food

Among the numerous successful and unsuccessful 3D printer kits seeking funding on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter is a rather unusual project: The RepRap Food Printer.    The project goals are to develop a rudimentary food printer based on the trusted RepRap platform. While many food printing experiments have taken place on previous RepRaps and you can… Continue reading The RepRap Food

Think You Have A Big 3D Printer?

We were contacted by Kalispell, Montana-based The Future Is 3-D after our recent post on build sizes. The post discussed the ultimately not useful statistic of cost per build size. Nevertheless, this small company has been making RepRap Mendel-based 3D printers for over a year and specializes in large build sizes. They’re not kidding, either,… Continue reading Think You Have A Big 3D Printer?

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RepRap Price Points

Neil Underwood posted a great summary of pricing options for getting your own RepRap 3D printer. His analysis shows three different price levels, ranging from a full-on everything-you’d-possibly-want version for USD$850 to a very basic, just-enough-to-say-you-did-it USD$350 version. There’s also a more practical level at USD$550 for a “realistically cheap prusa model”.    Be sure… Continue reading RepRap Price Points

More Metal Printing Experiments

The RepRap team continue to develop methods of printing electrical conductors. If they succeed, it would be possible for future 3D printers to print objects that include (at least at first) simple electronic circuits embedded directly in their shapes. One can imagine a wide variety of LED lamps or switchboxes emerging quickly once this tech… Continue reading More Metal Printing Experiments

The RepRap’s Heritage

The eyechart above (click for a larger, almost readable view) represents the family tree for virtually all low-cost 3D printers today. Almost all of them were derived directly or indirectly from the original RepRap project. We’ve written about many of these devices over the past few years, and we expect that this family tree will… Continue reading The RepRap’s Heritage

eMAKER Sells The Huxley

Yet another source for RepRap-based hobby 3D printers has emerged: eMAKER. They’re producing Huxley kits in several configurations (including one with no printed parts for those who already have a 3D printer and wish to produce as much of their new Huxley as possible themselves.)    The kit isn’t quite official. eMAKER is running a… Continue reading eMAKER Sells The Huxley

Clonedel Review

What’s a Clonedel? It’s the latest craze sweeping the RepRap hobbyist market. The folks at Open3DP figured a way to print molds of the parts required to build a RepRap Prusa 3D printer, and there are many who are trying this approach. Why? Because if you’ve got a mold, you can cast the same parts… Continue reading Clonedel Review

Molding a 3D Printer

The RepRap project attempts to design a printer that is capable of printing all the parts required to build another copy of itself. While they are quite successful in doing so, work continues – and much of that work is focused on optimizing the replication process. For some, this means simplifying the design so fewer… Continue reading Molding a 3D Printer

The Different Flavors of Home 3D Printers

We’ve been reading a long thread on the MakerBot Operator’s Google Group initiated by Shawn M, who is considering purchasing a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer. He asks about the level of effort required to produce high-quality parts with this particular device.    As is often the case, a simple question led to some insights. A… Continue reading The Different Flavors of Home 3D Printers

Print A 3D Printer Today!

A surprising item showed up in Thingiverse the other day: an entire 3D printer! Thingiverse is one of the most widely used open source repositories for 3D models suitable for 3D printing, and you’ll see all kinds of interesting items appear. But today’s item was worth a post: user wacko posted a 3D model of… Continue reading Print A 3D Printer Today!


There’s another low-cost 3D printer for sale: The Shapercube.   This German made €979 (USD$1,290) build-it yourself kit is based on the RepRap Darwin design and includes a rather hefty build volume of 190x200x185mm (slightly reduced if an optional second print head is installed).   The key specs:   3mm filament required 0.5mm nozzle Pre-assembled… Continue reading Shapercube

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PC Board Printed

We just noticed this development that was posted last July: a RepRap 3D printer was used to print a circuit board. Well, not completely – the 3D printer actually printed the etch resist, which protected the conductive bits from the acid bath. The resulting board was then cleaned up and had components mounted on it. … Continue reading PC Board Printed

The Gada Prize

We’ve seen tremendous achievements in recent years through the excitement generated by a series of startling X-prize challenges. Now there’s one addressing 3D printing, specifically the RepRap project. The Gada prize, to be awarded to a winning team on January 1st, 2013, intends on dramatically improving the capability of open source 3D printing. Some USD$20,000… Continue reading The Gada Prize

Simplifying Mendel

The purpose of the RepRap project is to produce a 3D printer that can effectively reproduce itself. Fears of robot domination aside, this is a truly momentous project. However, it’s a difficult task to conceive of the most efficient machine design – the fewer and simpler parts required by the design means it’s easier to… Continue reading Simplifying Mendel

One Really Big Replicator

Thingiverse member KurtCircuit has designed a rather enormous device: a 3D printer that is theoretically capable of printing 1m cube-sized objects. Even more astonishing is the fact that he’s actually building this device!   The massive device, known as the “Scalable Largescale Cartesian Bot”, apparently uses RepRap-derived principles, and is likely the biggest 3D printer… Continue reading One Really Big Replicator

RepRap’s Huxley

Most readers know the the purpose of the RepRap project: to design a machine that can reproduce itself. This hasn’t quite been fully achieved yet, but they’re getting close. But here’s the thing: not only can RepRap almost reproduce, but it also is evolving into different species, each more advanced than the previous. The first… Continue reading RepRap’s Huxley

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3D Printer Reproduces Itself: Pictures at Ten!

We know that a RepRap can (mostly) reproduce itself, but have you ever actually seen this happen? Pictures or it didn’t happen!    Now we can see this process when Gavilan Steinman of takes a Darwin RepRap printer to produce parts to build a new RepRap Mendel 3D printer. Then (thankfully in high-speed motion,… Continue reading 3D Printer Reproduces Itself: Pictures at Ten!

3D Printing in Multiple Materials – at Home

There are many differences between commercial 3D printers and hobbyist equivalents, including build quality, size, ability to print in color, etc., but now there’s one item that might be crossed off the list: the ability to print in more than one material.    The RepRap team are working on a “head changer” that would enable… Continue reading 3D Printing in Multiple Materials – at Home

Breeding RepRaps

The premise behind the RepRap project is to build a machine that can reproduce itself. While it’s not quite able to accomplish that task entirely, it can produce a great many of its own parts.   That’s exactly what’s going on at the University of Washington, where they seem to have set up a “RepRap… Continue reading Breeding RepRaps

The Most Popular 3D Printer Brands & Manufacturers?

A strange post appeared last week on Red Chill Media where they listed their thoughts on the “Top 4 Most Popular 3D Printer Brands & Manufacturers”. Their list included: Objet Z Corporation Desktop Factory (!) Dimension/Stratasys We’re not sure we’d agree with this list, particularly item 3, Desktop Factory. While DT was highly touted and… Continue reading The Most Popular 3D Printer Brands & Manufacturers?

3D Printing Experimentation with Replibot

There are many inventive hobbyists who are making very good use of the 3D printing knowledgesphere. That knowledge includes hardware, software, electronics, design, tools, models, examples, help, tutorials and services. For those who are not satisfied with the current offerings, they often dig in deep in attempts to find better solutions by leveraging all available… Continue reading 3D Printing Experimentation with Replibot

RepRap Explained

Dr. Adrian Bowyer of the University of Bath and the father of the RepRap 3D printer takes us on a video tour of RepRap, including the new Mendel RepRap model. Bowyer speaks enthusiastically on the device, tools for 3D modelling and 3D model repositories.    The Mendel RepRap is physically smaller than its predecessor model,… Continue reading RepRap Explained