3D Print Your Dream House?

By on October 5th, 2012 in Ideas, Usage


The folks at RepRapCentral have produced a short video demonstrating what could become an interesting application of 3D printing tech: producing tactile 3D models of your dream house. 
While the video appears to be a concept print, the idea is to address the uncertainty home buyers face when evaluating possible home designs. At the present there are several software options for producing 2D renders of a proposed design, as well as 3D walk-throughs. 
This concept takes it a bit farther by actually producing a 3D model of the home design that you can see and touch. 
One can envision specialized software that assists a home buyer in designing a home interior, complete with furniture. Then the software produces a 3D model for printing. Today’s 3D walk-through software could likely add this feature fairly easily. If printing on a color-capable 3D printer, this could work out well. 
Who’s up for creating this application? 

By Kerry Stevenson

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