Beyond 3D Printed Houses

An exclusive interview with COBOD founder Henrik Lund-Nielsen about driving construction 3D printing innovation in infrastructures.

Innovations in 3D Printed Buildings

Could 3D printing really be used to solve the global housing crisis? Recent breakthroughs in the technology show we might not be that far off.

3D Printed Home Design Matures

Construction company PERI completed 3D printing a residential building Germany, but it has some interesting design twists.

3D Printing Concrete

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata take a look at concrete 3D printing for various uses.

Branch Technology Creates “Largest 3D-Printed Structure”

(Image courtesy of Branch Technology.)Branch Technology has erected what it claims is the world’s largest 3D-printed structure for Nashville, Tenn.’s  OneC1TY neighborhood. Unveiled at the 2018 International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures this week, the structure strands at 20 feet tall and stretches 42 feet wide.  Chattanooga, Tenn.-based firm is known for its unique… Continue reading Branch Technology Creates “Largest 3D-Printed Structure”

Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete

We were directed to a patent describing a composition for 3D printable concrete.  This would certainly be a very useful capability, as the many attempts at 3D printed buildings using concrete extruders have had mixed success. However, most, if not all, of them have been using standard concrete materials.  We know from experience with thermoplastic… Continue reading Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete