Three Colors For Your RepRap

By on February 20th, 2013 in printer

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Many readers may have a RepRap 3D printer, but most of them will print in only a single color at a time as they have but one extruder. Now you can purchase a personal 3D printer RepRap kit capable of printing not two but THREE colors. 
RepRapPro is now selling their “Tricolour Mendel 3D Printer” kit, a derivative of the RepRap project. 
Its three extruders can also be used to print three different plastics in one print job, such as ABS, PLA and, um, another one. 
We were curious about the build volume in this device, because whenever you add an extruder, the build volume gets a bit smaller as the extruders on the ends can’t reach as far during an X-axis movement – there’s other extruders in the way. So how does the Tricolour Mendel fare? 
The build volume turns out to be a health 210 x 190 x 140mm. Not bad! 
The machine prints 1.75mm filament with an accuracy of 0.1mm. The build speed is a rapid 1800mm/min on the heated bed. 
This is an unassembled kit, so buyers should be prepared to build it themselves. 
What does it cost? Due to shipping cost differences, RepRapPro quotes four levels, each including shipping: UK (£746.80), Europe (€938.80), North America (USD$1088.80) and everywhere else (USD$1098.80). 

By Kerry Stevenson

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