Shapeways To Gain Even More Materials?

By on April 9th, 2013 in Service

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A posting on Shapeways blog solicits applications for a new position at the 3D print service. The position? Here’s what they say: 
We are looking for a someone to help us to find and introduce new 3D printing materials and processes to Shapeways.
This can only indicate they mean to dramatically increase the number of materials they offer on their 3D print service, which today ranks perhaps near the top among consumer-focused 3D print services. That can only be good for everyone. 
An interesting comment to the post by “JBR” suggests Shapeways add an Envisiontec Perfactory device, which is capable of printing many different materials. Perhaps this is one avenue Shapeways will pursue? 

By Kerry Stevenson

Kerry Stevenson, aka "General Fabb" has written over 8,000 stories on 3D printing at Fabbaloo since he launched the venture in 2007, with an intention to promote and grow the incredible technology of 3D printing across the world. So far, it seems to be working!

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  1. Shapeways' palette of materials is getting wider every day, and honestly, I really feel glad about the appearance of exclusive materials like polished sterling silver, it looks amazing on some generative jewelry. Colored plastics are available as plastic filaments as well, but printing with stainless steel, ceramics, nylon or even silver are really unique ways of 3D printing. an other special material is the laywood, you can print with wood and it smells like cookies while printing:) check out my blog for some pics

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