Get a Buccaneer 3D Printer for Only USD$247!

By on May 30th, 2013 in printer


Pirate3D is launching their super-inexpensive 3D printer today through Kickstarter. The startup company’s first product, the Buccaneer, is a filament extrusion machine they bill as the “world’s most affordable 3D printer”. 
The list price of the Buc’ will be USD$347, but a “very limited number” of them will be available for only USD$247, which has to be the absolute lowest price for an assembled 3D printer we’ve ever seen. To be clear, this launch is only for pre-orders, as they’re expecting production to begin later this year. 
This video shows the operation and a little bit of the Buccaneer. Unfortunately the video does not show their unique spooling mechanism. From what we can tell, the Buccaneer appears to be a basic plastic extrusion machine – exactly what you’d expect at this low price point. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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