Pirate3D Helps Africa

As if landing nearly half a million dollars in instant crowd funding isn’t sufficient, Pirate3D announced a significant charitable venture. They will provide 3D printing technology and training to “selected African institutions”.    The venture is within Pirate3D’s corporate social responsibility program and partners with Harvard’s Calestous Juma to promote sustainable development worldwide. Juma, Director… Continue reading Pirate3D Helps Africa

Pirate3D’s Buccaneer Sets Sail

Pirate3D released their incredibly inexpensive personal 3D printer for pre-orders last week and it seems to have been a massive success. Their Kickstarter fundraising goal was USD$100,000 – and it was met within mere minutes of the launch.    As of this writing, the project has raised well over USD$400,000, putting Pirate3D in the select… Continue reading Pirate3D’s Buccaneer Sets Sail

Get a Buccaneer 3D Printer for Only USD$247!

Pirate3D is launching their super-inexpensive 3D printer today through Kickstarter. The startup company’s first product, the Buccaneer, is a filament extrusion machine they bill as the “world’s most affordable 3D printer”.    The list price of the Buc’ will be USD$347, but a “very limited number” of them will be available for only USD$247, which… Continue reading Get a Buccaneer 3D Printer for Only USD$247!

Pirate3D Reveals Their Buccaneer

They may be called “Pirate3D”, but their new personal 3D printer, the Buccaneer, is no criminal. The Buccaneer’s design seems significantly different than other personal 3D printers.    The most obvious difference is a very refined external look. The shiny case is masterfully simple – it doesn’t even have a single button. We believe in… Continue reading Pirate3D Reveals Their Buccaneer